Sunday, 8 June 2008

What's up with NYT Magazine articles?

Because of my blog, I use a lot.

I am increasingly frustrated by not being able to find articles from the 4 star early European edition on the site.

Example: an excellent article by Somini Sengupta on gated communities in Gurgaon, India, built next to slums. Published Saturday June 7 2008, I can't find it this morning, Sunday June 8 on either or

On my blog I wanted to publish extracts from this article, along with two others that appeared in the same print edition of the IHT: one about architecture and design for refugeee camps (by author Jim Lewis from the NYT Magazine and flagged in-paper as such), another on the promise and challenges of building new megacites. These three articles, scattered through the paper, are just the sort I try to pull together for the readers of

It's clear there is some still some real value in having a print subscription to either the IHT or the NYT. I'm wondering if these articles are coming from the weekend NYT and not indexed for search until the following week?

Any explanations?

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