Saturday, 23 February 2008

More on T and scuttlebut on Marty Gottlieb

A few emails and calls from the International Herald Tribune's operators in Paris and elsewhere and a certain sense of "Oh my God, that was embarrassing" emerges when it comes to the publication of T today.

"I read the magazine once and I glazed over and went faintly nauseous the way I do whenever I am forced to enter a large department store," emailed one IHT employee to me.

This can't be good.

Having an IHT employee work (hard) on the project (Meg) seems to have given T a certain halo of authenticity, but beyond that there apparently hasn't been much buzz about T in the editorial office at least, but over at advertising everyone is no doubt pretty chuffed.

It struck me that I could finally earn some money off this blog and enter a sample from T to Private Eye's Psued's Corner.

Of course the idealized visionof the incorruptible girl-woman, which has been sampled add nauseamthroughout the years, should surprise no one. And isn't innocence theultimate fleeting moment - in other words, catnip for an industryperennially in search of the, well, moment? Needless to say,transgressive designers are most likely drawn to virtue because of thepossibility of its being defiled. After all, even those most abovesuspicion can turn out to be as sweet as sour milk.
Innocent but carnal - how very this season.

Surely a guaranteed tenner?

But that would be sticking the knife in.

What else is new apart from T's unbelievable awfulness in its Manhattan-led departure from the IHT tradition of writing English that everyone can understand?

Marty Gottlieb from the NYT is coming over in a few weeks/months to take over the duties formerly held by Dave Rampe, whose heart failure has incapacitated him and left him with severe brain damage. Dave's situation is very sad indeed and all thoughts are with him.

The scuttlebutt is that Marty Gottlieb will take over from Mike Oreskes in the mid-summer, although that's speculative rumination.

Still, it's interesting and may not be entirely uninformed.

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