Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer, Naked Ambition and the International Herald Tribune

It's ironic that when the New York Times took over the libertine, Paris-based International Herald Tribune, it insisted that the newspaper stop taking advertisements from escort agencies that had in the past delivered to the IHT an annual income in excess of $1 million; we now have one of these Manhattan-based 'New World puritans' (Governor Eliot Spitzer) simply migrating to the Internet.

The local telephone number advertisements provided a service that international business travelers, a core readership of the IHT, could use without leaving traces of their Internet explorations on their office laptops.

If it's OK for the Governor of New York to use these services (and I am not saying that it is) then perhaps the NYT/IHT should rethink introducing the escort classifieds into the paper.

If this is the mind set of a United States governor on a business trip to Washington, presumably it is one shared by many traveling IHT readers.

High-end escort services are a fact of international life, and I don't quite see how the IHT benefits by not taking their advertising.

A special edition of T magazine devoted to these services, mixed in with some of the fashion shoots and advertising as we saw in T's Naked Ambition edition, could be the go.

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