Saturday, 7 June 2008

The IHT's May '68 Exhibition at the National Theatre

Compiled by an editor at the International Herald Tribune and designed and installed by the IHT's greatest (non-in-house talent) Paul Bagshawe of Bagshawe Assocaties (, I was at the opening night of this outstanding exhibition (May 1st, 2008).

Using the pages and photos of the archives of the IHT, I hope that the IHT will take this exhibition on the road, after it's run during the month of May 2008 at the National Theatre, London.

Here are some snaps:

Jeremy Irons, performing at the NT during May 2008, and long standing IHT fan saying many a kind word about the IHT at the opening of the exhibition.

Mike Oreskes, the executive editor was there, as was Roger Collis, the travel expert who doesn't actually travel much any more. 'Afraid I dind't capture them.

Publisher of the IHT, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson (AKA SDJ). Currently based in the IHT's London office but shortly to move the the Paris HQ, he and his family to live in Paris. Happy he, to escape the horror's of the IHT's depressing Docklands' offices.

Bagshawe Associates did two brand campaigns for the IHT.

Think! (1999/2000) - commissioned by my goodself back in the day.

The Broader Business Perspective (2003) - commissioned at three day's notice when the NYT's very expensive advertising agency completely failed to come up with a campaign for the IHT, much to NY's embarrassment. Bagshawe Associates were called in to save the day, and Paul Bagshawe and I came up with a concept in three days and executed it for outdoor, print, television and taxis in about 2 weeks.

The IHT's brand advertising is now carried out by another agency, why exactly I'm not sure, given his success rate.

But Bagshawe Associates continue to design and produce virtually all of the IHT's collateral, from 'house adverts', advertising rate cards to glossy brochures for the Luxury and other IHT conferences.

Tom and Gary, the backbone of Bagshawe Associates.

Charlotte Gordon, worldwide marketing director of the IHT, with her husband (centre) and the world famous Paul Bagshawe (right).


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