Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Jeremy Irons, the International Herald Tribune and Me.

What does the actor Jeremy Irons have to do with the International Herald Tribune?

Jeremy Irons is an well-known stage and screen actor, perhaps best known internationally for his roles in
The French Lieutenant's Woman , "Brideshead Revisited", Betrayal , Die Hard: With a Vengeance , Stealing Beauty ,Lolita ,The Time Machine , The Merchant of Venice , Kingdom of Heaven , Casanova and Eragon

He is an enormous IHT fan and last May he kindly spoke at the IHT's May '68 exhibition at the National Theatre in London.

So that is my excuse for this post, but my intention is to 'share something' else with you.

I'll have to ask you to forgive me for blowing my own trumpet - or rather letting Mr. Irons do so - but as he has also kindly given me permission to quote him, I thought I'd make a post about him, the IHT and my book all in one go.

This is what he wrote about A Place in My Country.

"I read A Place in My Country with absolute unalloyed delight. A glorious book."

N.B Anyone who says bloggers are narcissistic and self-serving are clearly wrong.

A Place in the Auvergne
International Herald Tribune
New York Times

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