Friday, 7 December 2007

A great IHT front-page

'r top story 4 2day, txt msgs r 15 yrs old' (Thursday, December 6, 2007)

It's difficult blogging about the International Herald Tribune without venting a bit about all the things one doesn't like, rather than the majority of things one does like about the IHT.

This bold, eye-catching headline story about the 15th anniversary of the beginning of text messaging is exactly why I love the IHT. I knew that text messages are a 'cultural phenomenon' but how and when it all started, or that it was 15 years ago with a simple message that read 'Happy Christmas', was fascinating, entertaining and just the sort of thing I read the IHT for.

Next to it, a photo-story of deforestation in Indonesia, a view of felled acacia logs alongside remaining natural forest in Riau Province, Sumatra, an image saying it all but more inside on page 6.

A great IHT front-page, only spoilt by the tabloid 'Dead man walking in the U.K.?' story at the bottom....

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