Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Most Blogged at the International Herald Tribune

http://www.iht.com/ provides a measure of the most emailed articles in the past 24 hours from the International Herald Tribune.

What they don't do is cover the blogosphere, so here's a rough and ready look into how a different, and perhaps more interesting measure might be used to gauge how the IHT is doing as an opinion former: who is blogging about what and how many bloggers are using the IHT as their source in a 24 hour period.

I admit this quick study isn't as thorough as it could be, and no blog search engine is perfect, but it gives you the general idea. Of what? That of the millions of bloggers out there, only a few hundred use the IHT as a source. That could be a problem for all MSM: A comparative analysis with the WSJ, the FT and The Times of London would be interesting, but I'm not on the job (hourly rates available).

A pretty clear hierarchy of interest emerges and, from my regular daily trawls of the blogosphere and the IHT's place within it, the 24 hour period I looked at this afternoon is about representative.



California wants to control home thermostats 5

Ethanol 3

anti-whaling ban 3

Virgin Atlantic sets February flight to test biofuel 2

EU Considers Banning The Import Of Certain Fuel Crops 2

GM buys stake in ethanol made from waste 2

Artic melting 1

Deforestation in Indonesia. 1

India's biggest IPO raises $3 billion in a minute for Reliance Power 1

Britain will next week be told by Brussels to increase its use of renewable energy at least six-fold by 2020 1

SPORT (any - 24)

IR (21)

Bush in Middle East 3

Al-Qaeda Machine Guns 3 Children Gathering Chestnuts 2

EU/US Market regulation 2

Militant groups slip from Pakistan’s control 2

US concerned over China military build-up, Taiwan: admiral 2

Dynastic Politics at Work" by HDS Greenway 1

Madeleine Albright Piece 1

Spanish government calls general elections for March 9 ... 1

Moscow vs.Britain 1

United States fleet/Iran 1

Colombia hostages 1

AP Interview: Georgian justice minister says election reflected ... 1

the value of India’s trade with other Asian nations 1

US commerce chief urges passage of SKorean trade deal 1

New EU rules to speed up food safety approval for exotic fruits ... 1


MICRSOFT/EU Probes - 4

Amazon.com is challenging French competition law 3

MySpace and US states form deal to deter child predators ... 1

Gawker fans are posting comments claiming that the hit news-media gossip site is losing its cultural relevance. 1

Zynga developing games for social Web sites (International Herald 1

Radiohead finds sales, even after downloads 1

rat heart 1

USA (14)

US Primaries 8

Achieving equality for cats 3

Identity theft 1

Kansas legislature to see proposal to condemn gangsta rap 1

Health care 1


Credit card debt 5

Citigroup - 3

Home Capital Group Inc. to announce fourth quarter results 1


Can the global commodities boom survive a US recession ... 2

Profit drops at Samsung Electronics 2

Raising prices enhances wine sales 1 Real Estate 1

how cosmetics firm test products 1

Guy Hands's cost cuts could save £200m at EMI 1Russian assets in France frozen over dispute with Swiss firm รข ... 1


Yu Dan and China's return to Confucius 1

NBA forms NBA China to handle business interests in China 1

China remains a relatively poor country (rural poor story) 1

China Mobile ends talks with Apple on iPhone 1

China automakers keep their eye on US market 1

ASIA -Not including China (6)

Indonesia's Suharto 3

New Zealand's Wine Coast: Small ... 1

the state of India's transport system 1

Elephants roaming Bangkok 1

IRAQ (6)

Iraq veterans leave a trail of death and heartbreak in US ... 4

US in Iraq until 2018? 2


Sarkozy and the press 4

Merkel stresses German stance on ... 1



Education overhaul shakes up German universities 2

The 'crisis' of US education 1

To Palestinians: Study To Know Your Opponent - You May Like Their ... 1

Internet opens elite colleges to all 1


Kenya’s recent outbreak of violence 2


2 (IRobert Fisk and one THINK! post)


story of the Saudi girl from Qatif 1

Combatants for peace 1



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