Monday, 28 July 2008

International Voices on the Op-Ed pages

I've posted many times on the over-reliance on American columnists and opinion formers for contributions to the op-ed pages.

Here's an example of a piece I would like to have seen in last week's IHT.

Why was Paddy Ashdown writing for U.K newspaper and not the IHT?

Is budget the problem? Not enough money to commission pieces for the IHT, therefore use NYT contributors, who are invariably heavily weighted to American voices?

But as I've said before, are NYT readers best served by being served up mostly American opinion and perspectives?

Bosnia threatened with break-up
LONDON: Bosnia is closer to breaking up than at any time since its 1992-95 war and the European Union must do more to prevent its division, former international peace overseer Paddy Ashdown said.Ashdown said the Serb Republic, which together with the Muslim-Croat federation makes up the Bosnian state, had set up parallel institutions and was working towards secession."Radovan Karadzic is at last on his way to The Hague. But the division of Bosnia that was his dream is now more likely than at any time since he became a fugitive," Ashdown said in an article published by The Observer newspaper on Sunday.

International Herald Tribune
New York Times

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