Monday, 28 July 2008

Sex and Celebs

I'm getting a bit fed up with the IHT following 'sex and celeb' stories under the guise of only reporting what Fleet Street are reporting, and using press and media commentary as the vehicle to get sex and celebs into their own pages without the stain of actually writing about it themselves.

Either be up front about it or drop this vein of news altogether - I'd prefer the latter.

I'm English and I haven't read a British newspaper for about 15 years, initially because I don't like the blending of news and opinion, news and news analysis, but more recently, their obsession with sex and celebrity culture.

I don't want to read about it, know about it, and every time it pops up in the IHT, which I read in part to avoid it, I regard it as an invasion and a waste of a limted news hole.

This piece below has some valid points about press privacy but the headline is extremely grating.

Scandal! Fleet street without sex!

International Herald Tribune
New York Times

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