Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Obama Bin Laden - so much for liberal bias

Corrections of errors is something the IHT and the NYT are extremely dutiful about, way before, for example, British newspapers like The Guardian turned this into a fun feature.

But these corrections are not, as far as I am aware, published on The web allows the corrections to be made, the error forgotten. does not allow readers to do after-the-fact-analysis of errors, which is a shame; history written, inaccurately, is quickly rewritten again online.

Which is why I just want to put on the record a headline from last week's IHT which referred to Obama Bin Laden. I've tried tracking down the original article in which the mistake was made, but I must have throw away the edition where it appeared (in the four star Atlantic edition; corrected for later editions), and I have also thrown away the edition (Wednesday, 25th June, 2008 I think) where the correction appeared.

But Obama bin Laden it was. In a headline.

Too late to help Hilary.

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