Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Thinner, More Expensive

If the International Herald Tribune is to be the global edition of the New York Times, then one might argue, given how comparatively expensive the IHT is to local, much thicker newspapers, that IHT readers should now expect a bit more bang for their buck.

Personally I like concise, regarding it as one of the key attributes of the IHT. But I do think it needs to be at a minimum of 30pp (excluding any advertising sections) to be competitive with local newspapers, whilst at the same time easily remaining 'concise' relative to the competition.

But don't count on more any time soon.

This article from mediabistro.com caught my eye:

Sunday NYT in Denver: Thinner, More Expensive

Who knew the Sunday New York Times wasn't such a monstrosity for the entire country? Yesterday at the local Starbucks we encountered Denver's version of our weekly weight-lifting session and it was half the size. Not only that, it cost more. It's five dollars here.

What's interesting about the above piece is how out of touch media buzz professionals are with what's going on in Denver, let alone outside the U.S.A.

A nice example of the sort of Manhattan-centric media world that the lords and masters of the IHT's destiny inhabit.

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