Thursday, 29 May 2008

International Herald Tribune and Nepal.

Somini Sengupta (of the International Herald Tribune - we can say that can't we now that the IHT is the Global Edition of the NYT; I stand to be corrected by anyone at either the IHT or the NYT) is doing a hell of a job covering unfolding events in Nepal, from New Dehli.

Or is he in fact covering them from Calcutta?

The 4 Star Atlantic edition Thursday May 29, had him in New Dehli. By the time a slightly reworked version of the same article appeared on Thursday on his byline was Calcutta.

I reached for my world atlas to see which is in fact nearer to Nepal, but as I don't have it to hand let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he re-edited his filed copy, clearly based on churnalism AP copy, en route to Katmandu. Which is where things are actually going on.

Frankly, if an IHT/NYT journalist wasn't in Katmandu on Wednesday, and clearly there wasn't, why not just run the piece with an AP byline. And why wasn't Somini in Katmandu by Wednesday given how this story has been brewing all week?

I am, I am afraid to say, able to spot more and more of this type of NYT foreign correspondent for country X posturing as a foreign correspondent for country Y.

Is honesty here, not the best policy for the foreign news desk of the IHT/NYT-whatever-the hell-it-is-we're-suppossed-to-refer-it-as?

Prize for the person who can provide me with the email and name of the AP's correspondent in Katmandu...He or she IS doing a hell of a job.

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