Thursday, 29 May 2008

Oh dear: anyone remember Judy? Does Scott?


Bush White House, one-time spokesman Scott McClellan has published his book.

Here's what he says about the media, according to AP, the primary source for 'From News Reports' piece that appeared in the IHT's 4 star edition today.

He excludes himself from major involvement in some of what he calls the administration's biggest blunders, for instance the decision to go to war and the initial campaign to sell that decision to the American people. But he doesn't spare himself entirely, saying, "I fell far short of living up to the kind of public servant I wanted to be.
He includes criticism for the reporters whose questions he fielded. The news media, he says, were "complicit enablers" for focusing more on "covering the march to war instead of the necessity of war."

I am looking forward to the IHT's ongoing coverage of this book, and if anyone from the IHT will run their finger down the index of his book and look for NYT and Millar, J. and tell us all what he has to say.

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