Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Feed

I noticed this article, tagged under the title 'The Feed'.

The man who dared to question ethanol
It wasn't too long ago that a loose coalition of anti-ethanol forces was bemoaning the futility of its fight.After failing to block huge new ethanol mandates in the Senate last December, Jay Truitt, until recently the chief lobbyist for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, complained about the "fervor" and "spirituality" that surrounded ethanol on Capitol Hill."You can't get anyone to consider that there is a consequence to these actions," he said, adding, "We think there will be a day when people ask, 'Why in the world did we do this?' "That day has arrived sooner than Truitt, or most anyone else, anticipated.Of course, much of the turnabout is attributable to relentless price increases at the grocery store that have caused many people to argue that the land used to grow corn for ethanol should be used for food instead.


Now, I'm a pretty careful reader of the IHT. What is 'The Feed'? Is this something to do with finally focussing on stories about the global food crisis (as I have been doing on my blog www.aplaceintheauvergne.blogspot.com - under ths first photo of the day, for some time).

Or am I just being very slow in picking up on something that has been around for ages? And which means something completely different.

Must find a moment to investigage.


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