Friday, 18 July 2008

Where are they now? Previous publishers.

This came up in an email from a previous IHT employee who wrote that "Lee [Huebner], as you may know , is now director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington."

Well, actually I didn't know that previous publisher Lee Huebner is the director of this School, but I do now.

So what happened after Lee?

Richard McClean - ex-FT (didn't make the top slot there so came to the IHT and first non-American publisher)
Peter Goldmark Jnr - ex-a bit of everything and not much to do with major newspapers
Richard Wooldridge - ex-UK provincial newspapers, mate of McClean, previous COO, interim publisher until arrival of:
Michael Golden - NYT family owner member, now back in NY.
Stephen Dunbar Johnson - ex-FT again, and second British publisher.

I think Richard Mc. spends most of his time playing golf and spending time in the South of France, but know little more than that. I always presumed he was M16 just as previous editors of the IHT were rumoured to be CIA/OSS (more on that another time).

Peter had much to prove after his Charge of the Light Brigade resignation when the NYT bought out the WP. Now working for a major environmental group in NY on their clean air project.

Richard W. : I don't know, other than he talked of 'consulting' and lives in Burgundy, France.

Michael Golden - don't know what he's up to; have to check NYT Company web site.

SDJ - working bloody hard.

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