Tuesday, 8 July 2008

MSM and Book Reviews

I have my own issues with IHT book reviews (as previous posts may have indicated - word is Ms. Knorr was not amused).

This article about MSM ignoring a book critical of Bush therefore caught my eye, and the quote that the NYT was considering giving it a review.

Book on "murder prosecution" of Bush is mostly ignored
NEW YORK: As a prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi was perfect in murder cases: 21 trials, 21 convictions, including the Charles Manson case in 1971.
As an author, Bugliosi has written three No.1 bestsellers and won three Edgar Allen Poe awards, the top honor for crime writers.
But what happens when a big-name author, who more than 30 years ago co-wrote the best seller "Helter Skelter," publishes a book that the mainstream press has shied away from?
Bugliosi's latest, a polemic with the provocative title, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder," has risen to best-seller status with nary a peep from the usual outlets that help sell books: cable television and book reviews in major daily newspapers.
Internet advertising has been abundant, but ABC Radio refused to accept an advertisement for the book during the Don Imus show, said Roger Cooper, the publisher of Vanguard Press, which put out the book.

The book was published in late May by Vanguard Press, a division of Perseus Books Group - which recently published a memoir by a former White House spokesman, Scott McClellan - and has sold about 130,000 copies. Last week it was No. 12 on The New York Times best-seller list. The book is under consideration for review, said Robert Harris, the deputy editor of The New York Times Book Review.


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