Saturday, 12 July 2008

Must find new ways to scale corporate ladder

Architect supports changes to Times tower

"I'm frankly quite worried about this new fashion of going up on buildings," Piano said in the interview. "This is what I call an inappropriate use of the building."

"Inappropriate use" of a building?
What's this bloke on? "This is what I call..."

Piano said of the tower: "It was built to be responsive to design after 9/11. The big challenge was to make a building that is not like a fortress, but that is transparent, and open to the city." He added, "This problem of climbers is honestly something we didn't think about."

"This problem of climbers is honestly something we didn't think about."
No comment.

How's David Malone doing, the PR seeking climber/author of the New York Times building?

His Amazon ranking has actually gone down. Sales Rank: #1,612,306 in Books

Clearly I don't believe this, this is evidently a government-led conspiracy and designed to stop inappropriate building use by climbers.

Now by contrast, at the same time, there was a great story in the IHT of some Czech kids (one called Oxygen, another called Cedar) involved in what Piano would clearly call "inappropriate use of rocks", DRINKING BEER (from 10.00 a.m in the morning before jumping) and NOT WEARING HELMETS.

This story got the full video package on the home page (still up this morning) and front page play in the IHT.

"It's pretty hairball and about all the exposure" Cedar "can handle", which it would be, jumping 15 feet accross a 100 foot drop, from one rock tower to another in the Czech Republic. I'm frankly quite worried.

Malone = villain demanding complete re-design of NYT HQ.
Cedar = drunken lunatic hero, and role model for other American climbers to come and give it a go.

Leave the building alone, save the rock towers!

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