Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pertinent thoughts from Vinocurs interview

A star anchorman in France is saying farewell

When I talked to Poivre d'Arvor last week he was not exactly high on the future of television news.
"We are tipping from one era to another," he said. "In the future everybody will resemble each other."
"I was the boss," not a news reader, but the editor. "It was continual stimulation. We went to the scene. In the Golden Age of great audiences you'd run into Dan Rather or Peter Jennings in Baghdad or Jerusalem.
"It will never be same. All the 24-hour newscasts now, they're uniform. Aseptic. The old guard had culture, wide shoulders and moral strength. It won't be anything like that anymore.
"It's the same manner of thinking, of appearing. It's the look. These days, appearing, seeming are more important than the fundamentals."


We are tipping from one era to another.
The question is how will newspapers tip from Newspaper 1.0 to 2.0. I don't believe the web is the solution.

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