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What exactly are NYT blogs?

If you're looking for answers about the purpose and ethical boundaries of NYT blogs, you can't find them at the Blogs 101
which is maintained by Rich Meislin and where you are invited to send along your favorite blogs.

Mine is A Place in the Auvergne so I'll do that and see that happens.

Actually Think! can be found on if you look REALLY carefully but I think once the higher-ups spot this, it may be removed.

(To find it, go to the home page, scroll down to the very bottom, and there you will see next to a search box, on the last line, this:

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IHT Developer Blog

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Click on IHT Developer Blog (not updated since July which is about when the crowd knew for sure their days were numbered, so sadly it hasn't been updated since - a pity because I'd love to hear the Last Post from and you will arrive on a page with some links.

These links are:

BBC Backstage
Google Maps API Blog
jQuery Blog
NY Times "Open"
Wordpress Blog

Anyway, back to Rich: question - what is the purpose of NYTs blogs as you see it or is there some 'official' NYT editorial policy statement on this you could share with us? What are the rules, what is going on?

The only thing I can find at Blogs 101 is the NYT giving a small talk about blogging and then some recommendations. Recommendations not referenced elsewhere, I don't believe, on unlike the new WP political site, which includes content from, and links to, blogs.

But recommendations nonetheless.

Quite interesting to see an 'official list' of MSM approved blogs.

It's not a bad 101 listing, but shouldn't the NYT be offering a bit more of a blogging 2.0 listing if it wants to be ahead of the news curve and have a bit more street cred in the blogosphere? (That's another question for you Rich.)

OK, the winners are:

Blogs 101

To get the feel of Web logs and blogging, visit some of these sites. Most blogs carry links to other blogs on related topics or that the author likes (known as a blogroll). This page is under development; feel free to
suggest your own finds. Business and sports are being built, and suggestions are particularly welcome.
Recent additions: reads corporate filings and news releases more closely than most people. . . . Terry Teachout's About Last Night covers culture in New York and elsewhere. Interesting blogroll of culture sites, too. . . . looks at the effects of the Internet and new technology on the media. . . . looks at the economics of the Web. . . . ScotusBlog and the related Supreme Court Nomination Blog are keeping a close watch on the proceedings in the court. . . . Crooks and Liars and politics, with a liberal slant. With a great collection of video clips. . . .

Collections & Rankings
Technorati blog search and the Technorati Top 100 list of most linked-to blogs
Feedster Search for news feeds and blogs by topic
Bloglines (Registration required.) Find blogs by topic (or name) and read them here
Blogpulse, from Intelliseek, lets you search blogs and automatically finds trends
Truth Laid Bear Traffic Rankings Most-visited blogs
Flickr Not quite blogging, but fascinating. Storytelling through photo sharing.

BoingBoing "A directory of wonderful things" from around the Internet
Gawker Gossip and snarkiness about media, showbiz, New York City, etc.
Defamer Similar in tone to Gawker, but with a West Coast slant

Technology & Media
Romenesko The blog all journalists know
Media Bistro Sort of a blog. Its Fishbowl is more of a blog.
John Battelle's Searchblog Media, technology, Internet search, etc.
Dan Gillmor's blog Well-regarded former columnist for San Jose Mercury, now on Bayosphere Jonathan Dube for the Online News Assocation
BuzzMachine Jeff Jarvis talks a lot about new media (and himself).
PressThink Jay Rosen of N.Y.U. on The Media vs. the press Newspapers and new media from a British perspective
Scripting News Dave Winer tracks the world of blogging and technology and has some interesting (and some cranky) thoughts.
TheJasonCalacanisWeblog Blog about blogs from the chairman of Weblogs Inc. Looks at the economics of the Web
Journal-isms Richard Prince, of the Maynard Institute, pays attention to diversity issues in journalism.
Media Law Robert J. Ambrogi

Technology, Toys & Cool Things
Gizmodo From the Gawker empire
Engadget Gadgets of all sorts
Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting "Stuff from the intersection of design, culture and technology"
Cool Tools Kevin Kelly finds all manner of intriguing things.
Josh Spear "The pulse of cool."
Treehugger Environmental design and consciousness

Politics & Government
Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. One of the best-known liberal blogs.
Talking Points Memo Joshua Micah Marshall. Widely read liberal blog from a contributor to Washington Monthly and The Hill.
MyDD Jerome Armstrong and Chris Bowers.
Eschaton Atrios, aka Duncan Black. "Proud member of the reality-based community."
AmericaBlog John Aravosis. Politics from the left; one of the key sources of info in the Gannon/Guckert affair.
Crooks and Liars and politics, with a liberal slant. And a great collection of video clips.
Daily Dish Andrew Sullivan on conservative, religious and gay issues. (He tried to stop but couldn't.)
InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds. One of the best-known conservative blogs.
Kausfiles Mickey Kaus's mostly political blog on Slate
Little Green Footballs
Power Line One of the more widely read blogs from the right.
Iraqi Bloggers Central Good collection of links to Iraqi bloggers.
Mystery Pollster Mark Blumenthal's intelligent analysis of polls and polling.
Wonkette Washington gossip (also from the Gawker empire).
Global Voices gathers some interesting views from blogs around the world.
ScotusBlog and the related Supreme Court Nomination Blog are keeping a close watch on the proceedings in the court.

Also see Traditional Media, below

'Traditional Media'
Altercation. Eric Alterman. MSNBC.
Howard Fineman MSNBC
Bloggermann Keith Olbermann. MSNBC.
Citizen Journalists MSNBC's experiment in participatory journalism
LOOSE wire Jeremy Wagstaff, Dow Jones
The Corner From National Review
Hit and Run From Reason
Editor's Blog John Robinson, Greensboro, N.C., News Record. The paper is conducting a widely-commented-on experiment in increasing communication with its readers.

Other News-Record blogs can be reached from this page.
The Politicker Ben Smith, New York Observer
Tapped from the American Prospect
CJRDaily Updates from the Columbia Journalism Review (successor to its Campaign Desk)
The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington's celebrity blogfest
Blinq Daniel Rubin, a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, blogs for its Web site
Blogspotting from Stephen Baker and Heather Green of Business Week. (You can find other Business Week blogs from there.)

Seeking Alpha and The Internet Stock Blog News and analysis by David Jackson, a money manager and former tech stock analyst reads corporate filings and news releases more carefully than most people
New York
Curbed Everyone's favorite New York City topic: real estate
About Last Night Terry Teachout writes about culture in New York and elsewhere. Interesting blogroll of culture sites, too.
NYC Bloggers Thousands of other New York City bloggers, organized by subway line
The Food Section Josh Friedland. With a New York slant.
Gothamist Food From the Gothamist folks
Saute Wednesday Bruce Cole.
Chocolate and Zucchini Clotilde writes about food from Paris.
A Full Belly Alaina Browne.

Apartment Therapy Maxwell and Oliver Ryan. Tips and things for living better in small spaces
Core77 Industrial design
Design*Sponge A little breathless, but some interesting finds.
Land and Living
MocoLoco Modern design from all over Design and architecture from a team in the Netherlands.
Treehugger Design with an environmental slant
PostSecret People mail their secrets -- touching, funny, scary -- on homemade postcards.

Another question for Rich: if we're (IHT readers) all going to be reading and not, where is the list of important blogs outside of the U.S.A.? It is rumoured by the recent Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2007 report that some actually exist. Us IHT readers might well be interested in your recommendations.

Can I throw in the idea of something to do with Food and Agriculture for example: one I like is - full disclosure: it's mine - Farm Blogs from Around the World.


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