Friday, 10 October 2008

Does internet advertising piss people off?

If the future is digital, the answer to the above question- why, when and how - would good to know.

I mention this because, as anyone who runs a blog will know, there's a marketing technique which is to search blogs and then create automatically generated comments on a particular posting to do with the blog subject. Google of course offer this to their bloggers, but freelancers are at it to.

For example, when I posted on Internet Advertising a while back I received an auto-generated comment, which, like most of them, I didn't post at the time as comments on Think! are moderated.

(Which is also why I didn't post a completely embarrassing comment from someone who said that the IHT's old KNIHT! campaign was crap because "what it portrayed was: "Think backward." Not exactly what you want to tell your readers, is it?" I really hope this person doesn't work in advertising or marketing for the IHT, if they genuinely believe this, because clearly they know nothing about advertising. This type of analysis of advertising is what I call 'advertising autism' and a surprising number of people who work in the business suffer from it. To get it, you had to THINK! Get it? Clearly not an IHT target reader if that's the take out for this person. But I digress.)

Anyway, back to these automated blog comments. A posting I made (Gap Widens in Online Advertising from the WSJ) threw up this automated comment:

"Hi. I like your blog. Internet Advertising have become a common practice these days. This kind of business costs money and nerves for the customers and brings huge profits to the marketers. They are everywhere – on TV, radio, in the Internet as well as the press. You can hear lots of complaints from the customers. They are also numerous on the Net, especially on this great site"

So, I checked out - by which I mean I had a run through the homepage and went and made a coffee and did some gardening - but as I gardened this thought did strike me:

I'm pissed off by these automated comments on my blog (a form of internet advertising), I'm pissed off - frequently - by internet advertising and windows and all that crap, but I've never been pissed off by a good old fashioned display advert in print. Even an advertising supplement, I simply turn the pages, even the fashion ads in the IHT I just run past without even looking at them. I only register adverts in areas that interest me. This cannot be said of internet advertising which is frequently intrusive, disruptive and yeah, I'm a pissed consumer.

Personally, I think this internet advertising model/format as currently cooked-up is over blown, very Internet 1.0 and isn't going to survive as we now know it.

On that note, I'm off to help build a friend's roof.
P.S Please don't send annoying comments about how advertising that pisses me off works because I made this post with this company's logo. Get it?


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