Friday, 11 January 2008

The International Herald Tribune on Cricket

It says a lot for the International Herald Tribune's sports editor Peter Berlin and his cricket correspondent Huw Richards, that an IHT reader in India, a country that perhaps has more cricket bloggers than any other, found Huw Richard's piece on the controversial test match between India and Australia his pick of the coverage.

Here is IHT reader, management consultant Prem Rao (Bangalore) on Huw Richards:

If the International Herald Tribune wants to expand in the one of the largest and most rapidly developing nations in the world, India, let alone countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand, we need to see less college football from the USA and a lot more cricket.

Additionally there is a huge Indian subcontinent middle class disapora in the Middle East, Asia, the USA and Europe who speak and read English and want to follow cricket.

Moving away from College Football and embracing the realities of the emerging markets' interests is the sort of bold play the IHT needs to make to win readers.

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Voix said...

I don't know a thing about Cricket, but I'm delighted to find your blog! Thanks for the link.