Tuesday, 8 January 2008

More from Reuters, via the International Herald Tribune:

I've noted before on this blog how some people are increasingly beginning to quote the actual content source, not the vehicle which delivers it, in this case the International Herald Tribune.

I am interested to see how the consumer brand presence of the wire services grows: are they doing something quite smart and that it is to build awareness as the real source of most MSM newspaper/news websites content, and then cut loose from the sinking print newsprint/MSM vehicles like rats leaving a sinking ship, taking with them their newly created consumer brand awareness and go on line at www.reuters.com but operating like www.iht.com.

Bloggers, the best ones, become their feature writers.

At the same time, they cut off content to third parties and build a new model on their own web sites. The wire services become not the servants of MSM but the new MSM.

If you begin to see consumer brand advertising for wire services, especially on line, watch this space.

So the new news web sites for the next decade will not be newspapers or broadcast outlets, all with very low numbers of original content providers but www.ap.com and www.reuters.com

Anyway, to see how bloggers are increasingly more interested in, and more dutifully pointing out that their source is not in fact 'the IHT' but the a wire service, see this blog reference:


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