Thursday, 10 January 2008

Murdoch, WSJ, The Times of London and the International Herald Tribune

I've blogged on how Murdoch might use The Times of London plus the WSJ to do better in the international market, combining the business strengths of the WSJ with one of the world's greatest newspaper brands - The Times which in many parts of the world doesn't mean the NYT. Throw in content from some of his Australian quality properties that cover Asia so well, and you have quite a package: World's Biggest Financial Information Brand + World Top 5 General Interest Information Brands.

The IHT, unless the NYT buys out the FT (my bet is that they must be considering this at least), is relying on Reuters to deliver that cross-over FAZ type media brand. Um mm.

My hunch about Rupert's plans for the WSJ internationally somewhat beefed up (as a much smarter person than I pointed out to me) by Robert Thomson of News Int. in London moving to NY to be the new WSJ publisher.

That is to say taking someone who knows all the capacity of News Int, especially the Times and Sunday Times of London, and putting them in charge of the world's leading financial newspaper.

To be watched.

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