Thursday, 11 September 2008

Blogosphere Beats MSM to the Lehman Bros. Punch (Media Bistro)

Part of Newspaper 2.0 might mean MSM getting out of the on-the-news Main Stream Stories business.

Print sure can't compete with the online competition, and it seems even their own Internet sites can't compete with the blogosphere.

Witness Lehman Brother's today, or rather yesterday, and this remark from Media Bistro:

Mark down another point for the blogosphere! By now you've all seen the stories about the bad things happening at Lehman Bros. (which we will not attempt to explain here). Perhaps you read about it in the NYT this morning [Wednesday, 10th September, 2008). Or maybe if you are, say, a regular reader of Dealbreaker, this story was already old news to you because Dealbreaker reported on it yesterday, a full sixteen hours ahead of the mainstream media. Not bad.

Bring on Newspaper 2.0.

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