Thursday, 11 September 2008

An International Herald Tribune group pool on Flickr.

I have been accused of being somewhat obsessive about the IHT, which is perhaps true.

This blog is a combination of things but first and foremost a place to put my clippings and thoughts about the future of newspapers, the IHT above all, although that increasingly means following the fortunes of a newspaper I don't read, the NYT.

The reason? Because I cannot imagine living without it and I fantasize that NYT execs might check-in and read a few free thoughts on how exactly to get through all this.

However it seems that there is a small group of people even more obsessive than me perhaps - which is naturally a worry - and it's a a Group Pool on Flickr who are posting photos of the International Herald Tribune.

The group has, thus far, precisely 3 members (I'm not a member and would like to thank Graham at for tipping me off about this) but I for one will be joining. For that matter, I will be joining Flickr, a reason for which has never sprung to mind, and now one surely has.

The only downside is the somewhat gloomy motivation behind the IHT group on Flickr, and I quote:

About International Herald Tribune
Images from, of and about The International Herald Tribune. I suspect the paper will not exist by 2018 and so I thought I'd catalogue a wee bit of the paper's history day by day. I am a subscriber and I hope to remain one until the paper becomes paperless... or whatever.

Please join, and please also send any IHT photos in weird places putting faces to the readers of the IHT and their locales to

Actually, for IHT employees worried I am going to blow their cover and who don't communicate with me (and thanks to all those of you that do), Flickr could be a place to congregate.

I also think IHT employees should be in the business of taking photos of the IHT around the world, and posting them at Flickr.

Marketing could come up with an ad campaign one day using them (as it's unlikely their agency will).

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