Sunday, 12 October 2008

IHT Redesign: 28 steps towards the International New York Times

O.K, so is being folded into

What can we expect in design terms I don't know, but everyone at the IHT's Paris HQ has seen now, since a few weeks, a redesign for the IHT. A number of large group presentations were made so it's no big secret.

Most memorable for those who have seen the designs coming from the NYT's Tom Bodkin, is the fact that for the first time a long discussed idea is going to happen. International Herald Tribune on the masthead will be run as three words along the top, not the current logo which has always awkwardly stuck the word 'International' between and above the words Herald and Tribune.

This of course would facilitate, or at least set-up the possibility of going from International Herald Tribune (28 characters and spaces) to International New York Times (28 characters and spaces). Not saying this is going to happen, just saying that the design set up, and typeface relationship between the NYT masthead and the IHT will then be in place.

If you want a taste of how this is going to look, and the typeface used, please pick up your copy of the NYT/IHT property magazine Key which launched internationally on Friday, and there you can see it running vertically on the front cover.

Here's the NYT masthead as rendered by Key.

Here's the new IHT masthead (perhaps) as rendered by Key.

Here they are together.

You (probably) saw it here first if you don't happen to work for the IHT.


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