Wednesday, 15 October 2008

NYT spots a new trend - which is now 16 years old.

I received an email recently from Anon. in the Paris newsroom who has accussed this blog of being too strident and paranoid. Strident I am sure it can be - it is afterall a blog and I care about my subject, the future of newspapers, the IHT/NYT in particular. (God forbid that IHT/NYT columnists and editorial writers had been more strident in their warnings of the financial meltdown, a term they didn't use in a headline until late September or October of this year.)

Paranoid, that I don't get. About what?

No matter: point taken on strident although no specific examples were offered, so, as of today - less strident? (Is that going to a be a good thing or a dull thing? Am I capable of being less strident? Am I strident? I have no idea.)

Moving on....or back.

I thought the article below was well written and researched but for a trend that started in 1992, was codified in 1997 and was made wildly and widely popular in a very well known French film in 2001, what exactly is it doing on the homepage of in 2008? Beats me. Not much that is 'new' in this newspaper article.

From Paris, an ad hoc, urban ballet
By Simon Marks
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EVRY, France: Back in 1992, the dreariness of life in the Paris suburb of Evry - typical of the concrete jungles thrown up in the 1960s to provide low-cost housing - drew Laurent Piemontesi and six friends together in developing what became a new art form.
They called it "l'art du d├ęplacement," or, roughly, the art of movement. It was a "human reaction," Piemontesi said, to the many obstacles of life.


International Herald Tribune
New York Times

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