Saturday, 22 December 2007

Follow-up at the International Herald Tribune

I have praised before the way IHT editors follow-up on stories that they have already covered, and how they don't just let things drop with the daily fish and chips/cat litter paper.

A good example?

I mentioned in a previous blog an article on Christmas trees in Denmark. A few days later, tucked away at the bottom of the Briefing Column on page 15 of last Wednesday's IHT, I find this: The Danish Christmas Tree Growers Association, whose members are Europe's biggest exporters of holiday greenery, were accused by the national authorities of trying to rig prices.

That's it. But it's there, and it rounds off the news story of the original article that equated growing Christmas trees in Denmark to being like 'growing gold'. Now we can see why.

I could provide many examples of how well the IHT does this, but this one was pure gold.

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