Tuesday, 18 December 2007

No International Herald Tribune Today

This is extremely rare, but my postal subscription to the International Herald Tribune did not arrive today. Gilles, the facteur did, despite snow on the ground and the bend near the river being like an ice-rink. So it's not his fault.

I am at a loss. The question is: will I go onto www.iht.com and take a look?

Answer: no.

I once told David Ignatius, a previous editor of the IHT, that my postal subscription to the IHT arrived at my home in rural England mostly on Day B or C.

He seemed surprised that it could still be of much interest or value to me, arriving so late.

But I think he underestimated the appeal of his own newspaper: so much of the content is non-day specific.

As to the web there are many other better resourced, better staffed 24/7 news web sites if you want fresh bread (the BBC's International edition website for example or just a direct feed to AP).

I don't actually want fresh bread - two or three days old is fine; I just want to know what on earth is going on out there and have the time to think about it and my own reactions to it.

The more print newspapers become like daily magazines the longer they will survive, but that's a big subject and I want to go outside and play.

And anyway, no matter how fast the world turns and people rush around, in the immortal words of my 84-year old neighbour Jean-Baptiste, "we're all going to arrive at December 31st at exactly the same time."

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