Sunday, 16 December 2007

International Herald Tribune and T in Asia

After a recent post on this blog about T magazine (Curating the Culture of Style) I received a comment from a reader in Asia asking why the International Herald Tribune magazine is not available for its Asian readers: was it just him who wasn't getting the mag, or if it was official policy for the whole of Asia?

I did some digging around, and it seems that it is indeed official policy not to distribute International T in Asia, at least for now.

It would appear that the impetus for the magazine is coming from IHT HQ in Paris and the NYT in New York. Whether it comes to Asia will depend upon the ability to make it make sense financially.

Why it doesn't make sense financially at the moment I don't know, but I imagine it is largely to do with the following factors:
  • cost of distribution in Asia;
  • T's advertisers not sufficiently interested in the IHT's Asian readership, at least for now.

But, I gather, if T is distributed in Asia, it will be an overall strategic decision.

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