Saturday, 9 August 2008

Get with it: Blogging

I've come to the view that blogging is so mainstream now that the IHT/NYT should get out of the editorial opinion business (and leave it to bloggers) to provide opinion. People want facts, and the opinions of people actively involved in a given subject, not the views of an anonymous elite that make up the NYT editorial board.

Provided the opinion pages are well-balanced, and made up of real experts, then the accusations of liberal or conservative bias are taken off the table.

That's not to say the IHT couldn't steer people to a good mix of the best bloggers.

( could be one of them, should be one of them, in order to promote a sense and place of community for a widely dispersed global audience.)

For me this would be a part of Newspaper 2.0: recognising and using blogging, not denegrating it.

Anyway, according to Media Bistro, blogging has hit the big time, based on.....a blogger getting an advert from Gap!

Here's their view:

Blogging Officially Hits the Big Time

We've mentioned a number of times in the past few months how bloggers and the term blogging seem to be infiltrating the mainstream. The Times used the term "blog" in an above the fold headline. Obama mentioned bloggers in his Berlin speech. And just this week a Talk of the Town item quoted Jezebel. But nothing says success like an ad campaign! Which is what Scott Schuman, also known as The Sartorialist (by far the most interesting fashion site on the web) has landed at the Gap. Who says there's no money in blogging.
International Herald Tribune
New York Times

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