Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Time(s) to move to TV?

If newspaper advertising isn't holding up, it does beg the question about whether the NYT is the right business:

Murdoch says UK TV advertising holding up

MUMBAI: News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch said television advertising in the United States was good, despite a slowing economy, while Asia was a long-term bet driven by the emergence of a wealthy middle class.
During a visit to Mumbai on Monday, Murdoch told reporters advertising for News Corp's television properties in the United States was very good.


International Herald Tribune
New York Times


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OPL said...

One strong point in favor of digital delivery of content: Nobody ever gets hurt. This message was delivered to Barcelona subscribers on August 6:

"Dear Subscribers,

Due to a serious accident with our car to Barcelona we will have no distribution in Barcelona today. All copies were destroyed and it is uncertain we can find sufficient supplies to deliver Barcelona subscribers on Day B. The driver was taken to the hospital and we are awaiting further news on his condition.

Your account will be credited for a day.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Gina Wong
World Wide Subscriptions Manager"

Driving today --at least to me--seems almost as perilous as in those faraway days when the Herald--in its first steps towards global expansion--would send cars from Paris to Deauville and other French provinces for early morning delivery. As far as I'm concerned the age of the motor vehicle (so dear to James Gordon Bennett) has passed. Automobiles clog up our cities, damage our planet, our health, have taken us to war... But that's another story.

Ian, do you know what different forms of transportation are used to deliver the IHT from its printsites worldwide? Shouldnt an increased use of rail be encouraged? Perhaps the Subs department could send readers or the Think! blog an update on the Madrid-Barcelona route driver's condition. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him a fast recovery.