Thursday, 18 September 2008

All this talk of global editions isn't being reflected at a NYT/IHT corporate comms level.

If the IHT is indeed the global edition of the NYT, might one expect to see some reference to this in the IHT's mission statement?

Apparently not.

A key word search on NYT Company site press releases section for "International Herald Tribune" took so long to load I gave up waiting.

Equally, the only IHT editor mentioned as an executive of the NYT Media Group is editorial page Serge Schmemann Editor, Editorial Page.

(BTW: Interesting anecdote about Serge: his daughter worked for Hilary Clinton's campaign and there was some discussion as to whether, as Editorial page editor, this posed a conflict of interest. Apparently the answer to this in NYT-land is 'yes', if his daughter was his 'wife' but as his daughter is his daughter, then the answer was 'no'.)

Indeed at there is no mention of the IHT being the global edition of the NYT.

Nor, under Business units, is there any mention of the IHT being the global edition of the NYT. It's simply listed as a member of the NYTMG, as a stand alone property, just like The New York Times,, Baseline StudioSystems (?) and WQXR-FM.

Do the corporate comms. people in Manhattan actually know that the IHT is the global edition of the NYT or is this just something that has been stamped on the IHT masthead for fun?


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