Tuesday, 16 September 2008

What's the Number One Question at the IHT?

You might think that with days of financial turmoil, doom and gloom advertising market scenarios, death of newspapers etc. etc. that any number of questions could be the Number One question on the minds of IHT employees, edit and business, at Paris HQ.

In fact, the real question is:

1a) How do I get an invitation to Suzy Menkes 20th Year at the IHT Anniversary Party on Saturday 27th September in Paris


1b) What will it say about me if I don't.

Everyone wants in, numbers are jammed; the ad. sales guys are demanding to be allowed to bring the world and his wife, but this is no corporate shindig. It's strictly Suzy's party, and Suzy gets to say who goes.

You can imagine therefore that outside the IHT, just how the fashionista crowd are scratching and fighting to get an invite, because if you haven't got one by now, you are, I am afraid, strictly Second Row in the Fashion Universe. This party is a once every quarter of a century event which defines precisely who is in, and who is very much out.

I will do my level best to get hold of the final attendee list (although so as not to alienate fashionistas and their advertising agencies, this will no doubt be kept under lock and key.)

The New York Media World like to think that New York, and American Vogue and AW are at epicentre of the fashion universe. This is simply because most of them don't know the Suzy Power. They need to get out more.

Good luck getting an invite.


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