Thursday, 18 September 2008

NY Times picks up Breakingviews

NB. I've seen internal Keller memos that refer to the International Herald Tribune as the Trib. Here we have someone at Breaking News (if the Reuters journalist has referenced him properly) calling it the Herald Tribune.

Now that is going, to be rolled into the (more on that in a minute) the IHT useage is less important.

But for now, could the NYT get everyone on the same page about how to refer to their international edition of the NYT (which it is) and call it either the IHT or the International Herald Tribune?

As for the NYT and the IHT sharing one of Rupert's cast-offs with a competing general interest English language newspaper in a key European market, one has to wonder why the NYT would accept that, and why it wouldn't do what Rupert is doing? Exclusivity of content, putting the new into newspaper, has to be a central tactic to a broader survival strategy.

Here's the NYT release, and below, Reuters take on it.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times Co's flagship newspaper plans to start running a daily business opinion column provided by, a week after The Wall Street Journal dropped it to concentrate on its own Heard on the Street column.
The column will run daily in the Times as well as the International Herald Tribune, which New York Times Co owns and calls its global edition, Breakingviews founder Hugo Dixon told Reuters in an interview.
The column will begin running in the Times and Herald Tribune next week, Dixon said.
Earlier on Wednesday, Dixon said that The Telegraph Media Group will publish Breakingviews commentary in the Daily Telegraph newspaper in Britain as well as on the paper's website.
News Corp's Wall Street Journal had a contract to run Breakingviews until 2009, but wanted to get out of the contract early and focus on its own business column, Dixon said in June. It stopped running Breakingviews last week.
The Journal retains a 6 percent stake in Breakingviews, Dixon said. A Journal spokesman had no immediate comment.
Breakingviews is one of several business opinion columns that is vying to provide readers with concise analysis on complex financial developments.
The Journal relaunched last week with a new team of Journal and Dow Jones writers, while its chief rival -- Pearson Plc's Financial Times -- has been building up the team for its Lex business opinion column.

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