Thursday, 18 September 2008

Bug at leading to factual errors

If you have read any of the posts in the last 24 hours, largely prompted by the Gawker story, and people's reactions to it in my email in-box, you should re-read them.

I have a bug with this blog, and I may soon be moving to another platform because for some reason drafts that I am editing are going live before I have finished them, and many editing changes on matters of fact that I made yesterday were not saved by and I didn't spot that what I thought were corrected drafts were in fact going up without the corrections in the post. Thus leading to some inaccuracies, for which I am sorry.

So, please re-read the posts which I hope are now correct and accurate as they can be, and my apologies to the many people who took the time to write to me with their thoughts, insights and factual corrections of what had been posted before.

If there is
one posting that anyone truly interested in the future and well-being of the IHT should read, that I posted yesterday, it is this one about an IHT reader and why he subscribes to the IHT.

Once again, I am sorry for any mistakes that were published.

If anyone sees any mistakes, and can show they are right, or are people who regularly write to me, mostly anonymously, but whom I then cross reference with people at the IHT I know and trust, then please write to me and I will correct any mistakes.

BTW: I hate blogging. You try to be light-hearted, not spend too much time on it, follow something as a hobby that interests you (in my case the future of newspapers and the IHT in particular, as it is my ESSENTIAL daily read) and it becomes confused, rushed and full of mistakes.

I think I am going to give it up soon, or just make the blog a private one for myself, using it as place to post and label clippings, and perhaps available to anyone who takes the time to write to me and let me know what is going on with the IHT, or is one of the many IHT readers who write to me with articles they have seen about the IHT,the future of newspapers or just their views on the IHT. i.e a community blog for those who participate, rather than a public blog.

It would be great if the IHT would recognise I am a fan of the paper, and wish it well, and actually publicise the fact this blog exists.

That would provide something of real value to the IHT - a community space for its readers to discuss the IHT, not their opinions on news stories for which already caters to, but what they like and don't like about the IHT.

It would also serve as a sort of unofficial Ombudsman - which the IHT does not have and needs.

Naturally I'm not holding my breath on that one, but I hope plans for the IHT's involvement in might offer that, with an independent Ombudsman to moderate the discussions.

I check in from time to time on ex-IHT editor Mike Getler's column at PBS where he is the Ombudsman (a role he previously had at the WP), and it is fascinating to see the sense of community, committment and care, let alone honesty, about their offering. It must also be good for PBS employees who don't have to handle lots of personal communications, and see that complaints against them get fairly addressed and explained. Equally PBS viewers, without whom PBS would not exist, get a chance to have a feeling of belonging to a brand they care for and could not imagine living without.

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