Wednesday, 22 October 2008

More Chinese Water Torture - NYT Technology Coverage

I've blogged many times on the cumulative affect of media criticism of the NYT, not so much in the consumer market, but in the trade market. If young wired media buyers don't buy the NYT brand on a subject as important as technology, why would they think the NYT's readers do?

To the power of people two years behind the curve?

Tuesday, Oct 21
NYT Writes Wired Article, Two Years Later

The New York Times isn't known for the timeliness of its technology coverage, but today's article about how bot networks are a danger to the Internet comes almost two years after Wired covered the same problem — much more thoroughly — in its November, 2006 issue.

Attack of the Bots (Wired) — "The latest threat to the Net: autonomous software programs that combine forces to perpetrate mayhem, fraud, and espionage on a global scale."

A Robot Network Seeks to Enlist Your Computer (NYT) — "An automated program lurking on the Internet has remotely taken over the PC and turned it into a 'zombie.' That computer and other zombie machines are then assembled into systems called 'botnets' — home and business PCs that are hooked together into a vast chain of cyber-robots that do the bidding of automated programs to send the majority of e-mail spam, to illegally seek financial information and to install malicious software on still more PCs."


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