Thursday, 26 June 2008

Axel back in the news!

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So, somehow, we're back to Axel Krause would you believe.

I think my initial post on Axel had it about right, but I was happy to put Axel's take on events up on this blog.

Now, I have received this 'clarification' from someone who was in the meeting when the "Axel moves to Special Projects" discussion came up, and this is what he has to say:

"With all due respect to Axel, I was in the meeting when Vinocur loaned Axel to Huebner...the fix was in, Vinocur wanted Axel off his budget so that he could install other journalists and the 'loan' coincided with Axel's desire to seriously pursue the 1992 unification story, Huebner picked up Axel's costs and the advertising department working with Axel cranked out the profitable 1992 series."

If the person who told me this would like their name attributed to this interesting insight, please let me know, but for now you remain A.Non.

(How many people were there at this meeting? Mr. Vinocur, can you pitch in here?)

I very much like history, including IHT history and this sort of anal detailia is sadly right up my street.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions....

For all of you who haven't the first clue who Axel Krause is, my apologies, but clearly it remains a subject of some interest to those involved at the time, which must be about 18 years ago! Surely there must be a paper trail that could clarify all this?

(I have always wondered if there is a file of publisher's memos, or ones sent to him. They would be invaluable to the person who writes the next history of the the IHT which I would hope would be Walter Wells. One memo I know isn't in any file is one of mine, to Peter Goldmark Jnr, objecting strenuously to his decision to cut the pagination from 20 to 18 pages in an effort to save money and please his masters in NY - who showed very little appreciation for this pointless and damaging effort. Goldmark called me to his office, had me sit down in front of him and his COO Richard Wooldridge, and then calmly picked up my memo from his desk, ripped it to pieces in front of me and threw it in the bin, announcing the subject was closed and our meeting over. I think then I knew it was time to leave.)

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