Thursday, 26 June 2008

Moral stress at the IHT

Whilst we're on the subject of why I left the IHT, and the endless cost-cutting (firing people) that has been a part of life at the IHT for the last 10 years or more, please forgive a shameless act of self promotion as I quote this review about a book I wrote called 'A Place in My Country' (My emphasis in bold below.)

Oxford Times (5 June 2008)
Collapsing idyll, by Maggie Hartford

"Books about cosmopolitan urbanites discovering the joys of country life are two a penny, but this one is worth a second glance. Walthew's vivid description of the moral stress induced by his job as a high-flying executive with the International Herald Tribune newspaper is worth the cover price alone. The story of finding the dream cottage, the impulse buy, and the last-minute panic are standard for this genre, but Walthew has some more interesting things to say. His outgoing personality - and perhaps his cosmopolitan background, and his Australian wife - allowed him to integrate into village life but keep an outsider's point of view. He gradually realised that the villagers were far from the united community of townies' dreams, and that economics was forcing drastic changes on traditional rural life. Highly recommended."

I am still waiting for Katherine Knorr to review my book (savagely) in the IHT but it seems it isn't to be. Perhaps too much moral stress.

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