Tuesday, 24 June 2008

O.K, I've been told off now.

ONE last comment from my email inbox about the web plans and that's it for today.

I have been formally reprimanded:

"Acting on poor intelligence is very foolish...as GW Bush has so artfuly demonstrated. Unfortunately your blog spouts forth without having any real knowledge of the significant amount of work and analysis (intelligence) that has gone on and continues to go on in order to shape a decision that will provide us with a web site that has an international focus, look and feel but that also has the depth, technological strength and resources of the worlds largest and most profitable newspaper web site. A blog , by nature I guess, tends to operate on half truths and ramble away. It's why I don't tend to read them."

Now if Doreen had just dug a little deeper and managed to get that quote into her article then she would have been cooking!

And proof positive of course, of exactly why you should read blogs.

Just for the record, I should remind Think readers that
(a) I said Enough: let's wait and see what happens and
(b) I am brand agnostic as long as the web and the paper continue to have, to quote the above mentioned NYT staffer exactly what she/he says it will have: an international focus, look and feel.

The jury is out, but so far, so good.

Can't wait to hear about the significant amount of American intelligence work that has been, and is being, carried out. Anyone involved at the IHT? If so, do drop me a line.

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