Monday, 29 September 2008

Les Moonves Wants to Put Newspapers Out of Business (Wired)

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Les Moonves Wants to Put Newspapers Out of Business

By Meghan Keane September 23, 2008 12:25:05 PM

Leslie Moonves says the purchase of CNET instantly made CBS a "major player" in the digital realm -- and delights in his company's contribution to the death of the daily newspaper.
CBS aims to leverage its purchase of the technology network to shift the company away from being an "old media company": "We could build over the course of a decade, or buy CNET and become instantaneously a major player," the CBS president and CEO told an audience at MIXX 2.8, The Interactive Advertising Bureau's annnual advertising conference.
The CBS CEO plans to position his company as a one stop shop for news and information, potentially eliminating the need for dead tree media. “One of the advantages of the Internet is we’re taking money away from the newspapers,” he said gleefully.
Though initially nervous about implementing CBS's new "everywhere" approach to content, Moonves now sees broadcasting content across multiple platforms as a plus. He says: “The future of the internet is as a lab for the network.”


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