Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Wires versus the NYT: who wins in the news cycle war?

I've been saying for some time that NYT correspondents are often hopelessly at a loss when trying to compete with the wires for 'on the news' reporting. How can 1 foreign correspondent in 28 countries compete with, for example, 2,200 Reuters staff?

The problem isn't just on the news reporting i.e what happened yesterday, but broader brush stroke off the news reporting.

The IHT ran this story on Wednesday, from AP:

Conservatives in Britain tone down celebratory mood

On Thursday, the NYT's Sara Lyall gets round to, a day later, running pretty much exactly the same story.

U.K. crisis weighs on Cameron's buoyancy

Lyall's story, as a result, well-written though it may be, is a day late - at least. Better to have read this article say five days ago, at least on Monday. It's familiar to me - I read it yesterday thanks to AP, perfectly adequate - and for any U.K reader of newspapers you can find this sort of commentary and reporting from last week.

Newspapers used to print new information on paper. This is old information printed on paper. Hardly an advancement in the history of the timeliness of Newspaper 1.o. In fact, it's a step backwards.


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