Monday, 29 September 2008

The NYT Now Allowing Comments on its Op-Ed Pieces (fishbowlNY)

"Many of you who read the New York Times online will no doubt already have noticed that a comments function has been added to the op-ed columns," writes fishbowlNY.

I hadn't noticed because I don't read NYT editorials. They are behind the news curve, predictable and in the age of the commenteriat, not that interesting.

Anyway, that aside, here's what fishbowlNY has to say:

Now instead of spending Sunday brunch screaming at your relatives and friends over the latest Friedman, Dowd, or Rich column (really, is Kristol even worth the effort?) you can post it directly to the Times webpage, in CAPITALS if you so choose.
We put a call in to the Times to find out exactly when the comments went live, and whether they have any idea which column has accumulated the most so far, and are still waiting to hear back (we imagine they are having a pretty busy time of it this week thanks to a certain senator from Arizona). But based on a cursory glance at this week's posts we're going to hazard a guess that MoDo is probably leading. However! As we look again to get a better tally it seems that not
all of her columns in the last two weeks have allowed comments, or else, maybe they've been removed? Ideas anyone?

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