Thursday, 2 October 2008

Another example of good off the news reporting from the wires

When the front page of can't be filled by NYT/IHT correspondents, and has to rely on the wires, even for ahead of the news curve, off the news, stories, you know you have a problem.

Don't you?

And you need to re-tool how you allocate foreign correspondents?

Example from today (and again, I could quote examples for nearly any day of the year) this front page story, from the NYT?

No, from Reuters.......once more.

(It used to be, I think, that any Reuters story was cleary sourced as such in the online url link but not on this one. Is anyone trying to hide something here?)

Lack of medical workers causes new health crisis in developing countries
By Kavita Chandran and Tan Ee Lyn

And today also, ANOTHER front page story, also from Reuters, indexed on not as a Reuters story, not even a medical story, but a business story?

HIV infection up eightfold among gays in southern China


International Herald Tribune
New York Times

Vacation /Business Trip Furnished Apartment in Paris

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