Monday, 29 September 2008

NYT Strategy Question of the Day.

How do the international global edition of the NYT (the IHT), the NYT, (and a possible change from the IHT to the International NYT) fit with The New York Times International Weekly into an overall global strategy?

Here are the latest players to join the party.

The New York Times International Weekly Launches in Three Additional Newspapers Worldwide
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 23, 2008--The New York Times announced today that it recently launched its weekly news supplement in three major newspapers around the world: Colombia's daily paper, El Espectador; Kosovo's Koha Ditore; and Kenya's Sunday Nation.
These three publications join the existing 24 newspapers around that world that have begun publishing the supplement since its launch in 2002.
International Weekly retains the layout and typography of The New York Times and includes news coverage, commentary, color photos and graphics about the United States, world affairs, business, culture and social trends. It is prepared in New York by a team of editors and designers from The New York Times News Service.
"We are excited to welcome these three papers to the International Weekly community," said Cristian Edwards, president, The New York Times News Service. "The Sunday Nation in Kenya, Koha Ditore in Kosovo and El Espectador in Colombia share our commitment to the ideals of sound journalism and the importance of a free press. We are very pleased to be taking The New York Times's journalism to their audiences."
"We have heard nothing but positive feedback from our readers since incorporating The International Weekly into our publication," said Fidel Cano, director of El Espectador. "We are excited about this new collaboration as it helps us to provide our readers with a broader understanding of events happening around the world."
El Espectador, founded in March 1887, is the oldest Colombian newspaper with a daily circulation of 50,000 and a Sunday circulation of 250,000. El Espectador became a weekly in September 2001 and returned as a daily in May 2008.
"The collaboration between The New York Times and Koha Ditore is a great moment for our newspaper and the Kosovar society as well," said Agron Bajrami, editor in chief of Koha Ditore. "The New York Times is a symbol of a free press in a free society. A kind of professional press and responsible society that Kosovo's citizens and journalists strive for."
Koha Ditore, the daily newspaper of Kosovo, is the first independently owned daily established in Kosovo. The paper is published by Koha Group LLC, which owns the national television station, Kohavision, and one of the biggest printing houses in Kosovo, Koha Print.
"The Nation Media Group has been one of the key players in the independence campaign for Kenya, and a champion of democracy in East Africa," said editorial director Wangethi Mwangi. "Quite apart from enhancing the Sunday Nation's innovative profile, the International Weekly provides the paper's readers with a different perspective on the world, empowering them to discuss, analyze and question issues that the globalized community brings to their doorstep."
The Nation Media Group is the largest media company in Africa outside South Africa and Egypt. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and has subsidiaries in Uganda and Tanzania. The company portfolio includes television networks, radio stations, and newspapers. The Sunday Nation is one of five newspapers in Kenya owned by the Nation Media Group.
The New York Times News Service provides articles from all sections of The New York Times to more than 600 news organizations around the world. The News Service also maintains The New York Times Photo and Graphics Service, which distributes images via the Web site
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