Monday, 10 December 2007

IHT and FT Readers in the Blogosphere

Trying to understand who reads the International Herald Tribune can be, in part, examined by looking at how many people or organisations quote or comment on articles in the IHT in any given period.

To give you a flavour of this I did a quick Google Blog search this morning using the search term "International Herald Tribune" (Monday, 1020hrs CET) on how many people had done this during the following time periods (I have not deduplicated the list, so this is just approximate):

Last 24 hours: 198
Past Week: 6,804
Past Month: 65,0650

Of course, many of these bloggers are doing searches on subjects of their own interest, and therefore don't come to the IHT horizontally via the front door (as regular or even frequent IHT readers) but vertically, searching out information on the subjects that interest them.

By way of comparison, a search of the blogoshere using the search term 'Financial Times' delivered the following results (again not deduplicated):

Last 24 hours: 183
Past Week: 5,803
Past Month: 51,765

So more or less in the same ballpark, but the IHT leading by a reasonable margin.

  • More bloggers interested in general interest and 'back of the book' type information, than business news, hence more referencing the FT?
  • Greater brand recognition of the IHT in the USA, blog central?
  • A fluctuating result that may change as per the news cycle?
  • I don't know?

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