Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Now someone is getting there.

If I am critical of the International Herald Tribune's coverage of the IHT/Reuters deal this is an example of why:

Nat Ives, writing for Adage.com managed to hit several nails on the head (already tapped before by this blog - Mr. Oreskes are you reading it yet?)

Here's what he had to say (I have put in bold issues already covered by this blog):

'The International Herald Tribune and Reuters have formed a partnership to collaborate on business news, possibly strengthening their position just days before Rupert Murdoch closes his acquisition of Dow Jones -- and escalates an arms race among international media. Starting Jan. 7, the Herald Tribune's business sections in print and online will be renamed "Business With Reuters" to reflect the origin of its content, which also will be available through Reuters terminals and the Reuters site. The new partners did not mention News Corp.'s pending purchase of Dow Jones and its crown jewel, The Wall Street Journal, but the deal isn't far from the mind of anyone in the news business. Dow Jones shareholders are expected to finally ratify it in a vote scheduled for Thursday. And Mr. Murdoch has said he plans to use his new properties to go after The New York Times, whose parent company owns the IHT.'

If there is a true separation of business interests and editorial at the IHT, then this is the sort of stuff Carajaval undoubtedly knew and COULD have written, but for reasons we don't know, did not.

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