Friday, 14 December 2007

International Herald Tribune Developers' Blog

Did you know that the developer of the International Herald Tribune's web site runs a developers' blog?

No, nor did I until coming across some discussion of it at

The reason you probably don't know about is that you weren't supposed to, which is a kind of interesting way of running a blog.

Actually it precisely mirrors my own approach thus far. I've hardly made any efforts to inform IHT readers about because I'm curious to see if the IHT will do if for me.

Since Michael Cosentino started his blog back in September 2007, he's made about 7 postings which have attracted about 25 reader comments (I haven't even bothered to read these nor de-duplicate them, but my guess is that they are not unique visitors.)

Here's how Cosentino launched the blog:

Welcome to the ever-so-creatively named Developer Blog. If you somehow found this blog, then congratulations, because we haven’t linked to it from anywhere on or the rest of the web we’ve tucked it discreetly in the global footer.

And indeed, if you go there, at the bottom of the home page, there it is under More:

IHT Developer's blog.

"We’re the open-source, free-love types and we’re open to comments, suggestions, and feature requests," he wrote in his debut post. "So now we’re joining the ranks of the the increasing number of developer blogs out there. In a very non-establishment move we’ve decided to give away the entries, in their entirety, in the RSS feeds, so subscribe away. Also, let’s be friends: feel free to add us to your blogroll or request to be added to ours."

And I am quite sure we will all be friends once:

a) we found out that we can be


b) that the good open-souce, free-love types at actually tell us where all this free love can be found.

With 7 posts and a grand total of c 25 posts in nearly 4 months I think we need a little more openness, and a little more love as readers.


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