Wednesday, 12 December 2007

International Herald Tribune vs. Bloggers

This blog has already been critical of the IHT's slow coverage of the big media story of the moment - the IHT/Reuters deal. The executive editor of the IHT is on record as being critical of bloggers 'riffing off' the MSM.

But this blog's earlier postings, and that of those like The Buzz Machine, show that bloggers are way ahead of the MSM on this story. The Times of London's media editor didn't get to the real deal on this story until December 11th (as pointed out by The Buzz Machine who had already been ahead of this news curve, and slightly behind this blog's.)

Let's not bicker but get to the story:

Here's The Future of News on the deal:

'Battle for control of the National Conversation: Wall Street Journal on offense, NY Times on defense on business news 12/11/o7
We have seen what may be the NY Times’ (NYT) first defensive maneuver to protect itself against Rupert Murdoch’s plan to unseat it as the leading “
national elitist general-interest paper.” A few weeks ago, Murdoch’s tag team of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the NY Post took a swipe at the Sunday NYT Magazine’s luxury advertiser revenues by announcing their own glossy weekend magazines. No reaction from the NYT.
This time, Murdoch again went on the offensive by announcing the WSJ would drop its premium services paywall, now offering for free financial news that is sufficiently valuable that many had previously been willing to pay for it. The NYT is
responding by making a deal to publish business news from Reuters, a wire service provider of widely available, commodity, one-size-fits-all news that never would have been sufficiently valuable to attract paid subscriptions. The NYT might be credited with recognizing that aggregated news from others will be critical to competing on the Internet. On the other hand, it will also be necessary to offer readers value-added facts and opinions they cannot get anywhere else. The NYT seems to be going through the motions without quite understanding them, and continuing to lose ground — ground they will never make-up unless some day they decide to play offense.'

And here's another interesting comment on The Buzz Machine by one of it's readers:

'Interesting, also, that IHT has hooked up with independent online magazine Asia Sentinel ( as way to get in-depth news coverage from Asia.
See the story here:'

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