Friday, 14 December 2007

OhMyOldNews at the International Herald Tribune

When I started this blog on the International Herald Tribune, I did decide that it would be impossible to blog on things to do with the IHT before December 2007 when I launched

But in the light of the IHT/Reuters deal, this old news from May 2007 is perhaps worthy of an exception:

OhMyNews headlines coming to International Herald Tribune2006-06-01
Robert Niles: The Guardian reports that the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune has cut a deal with South Korean grassroots journalism site OhMyNews to feature OhMyNews headlines on the IHT website and, possibly in the future, articles in the paper.
From the Guardian report:
It is not yet clear whether such articles will be treated in a similar manner to those from established news agencies such as Reuters and the Associated Press, but sources close to the negotiations believe it is likely that the newspaper itself could run such stories in the near future.
OhMyNews claims more than 40,000 contributors and is said to be negotiating syndication deals with other media companies.

Source: Riffing of riffer who riffed off The Guardian.

So where are these OhMyNews postings? I haven't spotted them yet.

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